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    • 制動器技術數據

    YEJ系列電磁制動三相異步電動機是新型的全封閉自扇冷式籠型電動機,帶有直流電磁制動器。該系列電機具有結構簡單,安裝維護方便,制動迅速,振動小,噪音低,壽命長等特點。適用于起重設備的卷揚行車、電動間門、金屬切削機械、木工機械、 紡織機械、橡膠化工機械、印刷機械、鍛壓機械、減速機械及各種類型機床的主傳動和輔助傳動等需要快速、 準確停車的各種機械中 。


    YEJ series electromagnetic braking three-phase asynchronous motors
    are totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage motors,with a direct-current electromagnetic brake.YEJ series motors have such advantages,as simple structure,easy installation and maintenance,quick braking,little vibration,low noise,longlife and so on. They arewidely used forsuch machines,aswindlass of crane,electrodynamic valve, metal-cutting tool,woods machine, textile machine, rubberchemical machine,printing and forging machine, decelerator, and main drive and auxiliary drive of all kinds of tools which require quick and accurate stopping.

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