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    YCT系列電磁調速電動機由三相(或單相)異步電動機與電磁轉差離合器和測速發電機所組成, 通過JD型或ZTK 型控制器,調節轉差離合器的勵磁電流,實現輸出轉速的無級調節。 產品性能和安裝尺寸符合JB/T7123規定, 與國際標準lEC接軌。產品廣;乏應用子結織、印染、水泥、造t氏、印刷、橡膠、塑料、制糖、建筑、鼓風等行業。



    YCT series electromagnetic governor motor consists of three-phase induction motor,electro-magnetic difference change clutch and speed indicating generator lt is usually mated with Model JD or ZTK controller to form a set of AC stepless governor device. lt is widely applicable to the ind-ustries of txtile, dying, cement, paper-making,printing,rubber,plastic,sugarmaking,agitation,air blowing,fiber and cable,etc.

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